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Video lessons - an easy way to learn remotely from the comfort of your own home.
1. You don’t need to travel anywhere.
2. Take as much time to learn as you need.
3. Learn when you are comfortable.
4. There is no limit to the study time.
5. After completing our courses, you will receive certificate.

If you order PhotoShop basics distance learning courses you will receive:

1. PhotoShop video lessons with a voice-over
2. A comprehensive tutorial book in PDF format
3. Instructions for use
Some people who approach us want to start a new activity that requires certain software knowledge. Some people merely want to learn something new or something they enjoy doing. 
Most of people might already have pre-existing fears or false beliefs: "Will I succeed? Will I be able to? Maybe this program is too difficult for me and I will not understand it?" Many have heard how stories of failures from their friends or acquaintances. We all have heard of stories when someone dropped out of school once encountered with challenges. Very often these examples might demotivate and frighten people who have not even started with their own learning path. One might think that if someone didn’t succeed, neither will he or she.
 We would like to say "STOP!" Really NO.” 
Our entire team is here today to clear all your doubts. We will help you to believe that each one of you can learn how to use and successfully work with a chosen program. Because you've already logged in to this page, you've made your first step. 
In this project, all video lessons are an overview of the most common issues related to each program. All of this is based on our team vast experience. We know what issues you have right now and what issues you will face in the future. Therefore, in our video lessons, we review and answer all these questions based on our personal experience.
We will save you a lot of time, because in our video lessons you will learn what is the most important and necessary for work and self-realization. Various situations are covered in video lessons that are directly related to real practice. 
Our experienced team will motivate and support you during your course so that you can learn, develop and achieve your goal! Welcome to the world of benevolence and knowledge!
"A man is wel educated when he knows where to find what he doesn‘t know".
 (German Philosopher Georg Simmel)


PhotoSHOP basics Training Course

Distance learning  PhotoShop Training Course. PhotoSHOP is not only a photo editing software, but can also be used for digital painting and graphic design. The program runs digital photo editing, retouching and layout. The program has a wide range of digital effects, called "filters". PhotoSHOP has incredible features that retouche, restore and clone pictures. If you are photographer, are creative or you are simply interested in photo editing or graphic design our PhotoShop course is for you. The program is designed for various levels, from an experienced designer to a beginner. The course teaches basic commands, object cropping, layer work, retouching, restoration, and other commands. We recommend this video course if you are interested in working with photos, editing, tinting, adjusting, applying effects and managing them. This PhotoShop video tutorial will provide you with a complete overview of the basics of PhotoShop and a solid foundation of knowledge for the next acquaintance with this great program. PhotoSHOP is a program with endless possibilities and effects.




The best way to learn how to work with the PhotoShop application
Study online in the comfort of your own home 
The training course includes tasks
Thomas Edison (US innovator): „Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.“
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